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A beautiful smile begins with a clean and healthy mouth. At our Spearwood dental clinic, we are committed to restoring and designing great smiles that last the test of time. A lifetime of great oral health is dependent on the prevention of dental diseases. As you know, prevention is better than a cure!

Scheduling regular dental check ups helps to ensure that your mouth is properly clean and has no signs of serious dental health issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, bone damage, or oral cancer.

During your dental checkup, you can expect the following services

  • A thorough tooth-by-tooth examination
  • A general check of your gums and mouth health
  • A professional scale and clean
  • A fluoride treatment

Some dental problems can’t be addressed just by looking inside your mouth. That’s why occasionally your dentist may also recommend that you get an x-ray so they can understand what’s going on beneath the surface. Some potential oral health issues that may be uncovered from an x-ray include jaw injuries, bone swelling and wisdom teeth. An x-ray will allow your dentist to identify these issues and recommend the best treatment to correct them.

In addition, during your visit to our Spearwood dental practice, our dentists will provide advice on good oral hygiene practices. If there are any further complications that require specialist treatment, your dentist may ask you to return for restoration work, such as a filling or a crown. In some cases, your dentist may need to refer you to a specialist such as an orthodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon or endodontist. At all stages, the dentists at our clinic are happy to discuss these options with you in full.

Depending on a variety of factors, such as the length of time between your last visit, your appointment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Regular preventative care can help reduce the risk of needing major dental work further along the track. The dental team at Phoenix Road Dental Surgery recommend that you visit them every six months for an examination and thorough clean.

Although your oral hygiene routine may be up to the highest standard, a regular check by your dentist is still required. Even if you are showing no symptoms of gum disease or other health problems, only a dentist can detect these issues. In addition, it is difficult to reach every area of your mouth to properly clean it, so a professional clean is needed to prevent plaque buildup that turns into tartar causing more serious issues.

If you have existing health issues or are at higher risk of them you will need to visit your dentist more often. They will be able to advise you often to book an appointment in this case.

Worried that it’s been a while since your last visit? Don’t stress! It’s better to be late than never. Your dentist will still be able to assess your overall health and create a treatment plan for you without any judgement. You won’t receive any telling off or lectures at our dental centre.

As each patient has unique needs, the costs of your check ups will vary. If you have health insurance, most providers cover one free clean a year. Additional treatments, such as an x-ray will also cost more than a standard consultation. Don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call and they can assist you with any billing information you may need.

Taking good care of your overall oral hygiene is the best defence against dental problems in the future. In between dental treatments you can do the following to make sure your smile is at its best:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with toothpaste containing fluoride
  • Floss at least once each day
  • If you play contact sports always wear a mouthguard
  • Don’t smoke tobacco
  • Eat a healthy diet and avoid sugary drinks as much as possible
  • Visit your dentist every six months for checkups

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Scale and Cleaning

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