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We understand that not everyone is completely comfortable with dental treatment and some people are particularly anxious or nervous. At Phoenix Road Dental Surgery, we routinely perform treatment under Nitrous oxide (happy gas) and IV sedation.

Nitrous Oxide is provided through a small mask sitting over your nose, within a few short minutes, you will start to feel relax and comfortable. You are physically awake and we can still communicate as normal throughout the whole procedure. It is one of the safest and commonly performed methods of sedation in modern dentistry and its effects disappear almost instantly when the dental procedure is completed.

Sleep dentistry by intravenous sedation (IV sedation) is provided through a medical anaesthetist. The anaesthetist at our Spearwood dental practice will ensure that you are soundly asleep in the dental chair while we busily working to improve your dental health. All you have to do is then wake up for your nap with your dental issues all fixed!

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