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Experiencing a dental emergency can be an incredibly stressful situation. At Phoenix Road Dental Surgery, our team of specialist emergency dentists are here to help save your smile and look after your dental health. Seeking immediate care is crucial so we offer urgent emergency dental care and after-hours appointments when you need us most.

What counts as a dental emergency?

When it comes to dental emergencies, it’s always better to be safe than sorry by heading to your dental clinic immediately. Whether you’re experiencing tooth pain, bleeding, or you’ve been in an accident and hit your teeth, book an appointment as soon as you can so you can get the urgent damage assessed and repaired.

Although issues such as chipped or cracked teeth may not seem severe, it’s still considered a serious problem as the crack can get worse if it becomes too deep, even exposing your gums. Other symptoms, such as pain, may be indicative of bigger issues.

  • Cracked, chipped or broken teeth
  • A sudden infection
  • Throbbing pain or toothache
  • Bleeding or swollen gums
  • A knocked-out tooth

If you think you’re experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team who can assist you in booking an appointment with an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

What to do if you’re experiencing a dental emergency

If you are bleeding profusely, it’s best to visit the emergency room to get it under control and then we can assist with any dental issues you may have. In addition, if you have a broken jaw or bitten your cheek, lip or tongue severely you should also visit the hospital before seeking dental help.

Unless you are experiencing the above issues, your first step when an emergency dental incident occurs should be to call your dentist. They will be able to advise you on the treatment required and book you in for an appointment as soon as you need it.

If you’re facing a dental issue that can’t wait, like stopping a bleed, dealing with unbearable pain, or trying to save a tooth, you’re looking at a dental emergency. And it’s serious business, especially with infections that could turn deadly.

Prior to your appointment, there are a few at-home remedies that can help with pain relief. Gargling salt water helps to remove bacteria and lessen swelling, a pain relief medication can alleviate pain and help with sleeping, and applying an ice pack will help with tooth pain. While these remedies can provide some relief, they are not a permanent solution and you should always seek dental care and advice from a medical professional.

Call us ASAP! Getting to an emergency dentist within 30 minutes can make the crucial difference between saving and losing your tooth. You should also do the following steps immediately after losing your tooth.

Handle the tooth by the crown and not the root (in more simple terms – the top and not the bottom), otherwise, you risk damaging the cells necessary for a successful reattachment. To remove any dirt or debris, gently rinse the knocked out tooth in water but do not scrub it.

If possible, place the clean tooth in your mouth between your cheek and gum to help keep it moist. This is very important as if it dries out it won’t be able to be saved. You can also wrap the tooth in clean gauze or cloth and immerse it in milk.

Your emergency dentist appointment follows the same procedure as a standard dental care appointment. An emergency dentist will examine your mouth, assess the issue and provide treatment solutions. In some cases, a referral to a specialist is required, however, we will provide treatment in the meantime to help with any pain or discomfort.

Patients may also be asked to return for a follow-up appointment depending on their unique needs and treatment.

Phoenix Road Dental Surgery Emergency Dental Services

At Phoenix Road Dental Surgery, smiles are our mission, so we’ll do whatever it takes to get yours looking amazing once again. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency don’t wait! Our practice offers emergency appointments and after-hours emergency care service. Give us a call immediately on (08) 9434 1235, or book an appointment now and our friendly staff will let you know how we can help.

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