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Missing teeth aren’t just unsightly. In addition to affecting your ability to chew and speak, they have the ability to damage your confidence and self-esteem severely. If you feel like your missing teeth are holding you back and affecting your life, dentures might be the answer to restoring your confidence and improving your quality of life.

A quick, painless and effective way of replacing one or several missing teeth, dentures significantly improve the look of your smile. Designed to look as similar to your natural teeth as possible, no one will notice them. They can also help restore your dental functionality and improve your speech and ability to chew.

Just imagine a life where everyone loves your new smile, and you can eat all of your favourite foods again! We can help make that happen.

As the leading experts on dentures in Spearwood, we can help you assess if dentures are right for you and provide understanding and compassionate dental care.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with them, dentures are prosthetic devices made to replace one or multiple missing teeth and are supported by surrounding soft and hard tissues of the mouth. They’re also removable and should be left out of your mouth at night while you sleep. Artificial teeth are generally acrylic and custom made to fit your mouth for a natural-looking and comfortable solution.

Dental implants are an alternative treatment that can also replace a missing tooth for a permanent solution.

There are many different reasons tooth loss can occur, such as periodontal or gum disease, tooth extraction, poor oral health and severe tooth decay. Tooth loss can also arise from injury or the natural ageing process. Whether your missing teeth are caused by damage, decay or injury, we recommend replacing missing them with the right dental treatment. Although some patients may not have any issues leaving a missing tooth, many problems can develop if a gap is left untreated. Tooth loss can shift your teeth, changing the way you chew. This movement causes additional stress on the remaining teeth and can impact the quality of your bite, affecting the way you digest food. For some, self-esteem issues can occur due to missing teeth or drooping facial features caused by tooth loss.

Your dentist will advise on the best dentures for your needs. Depending on how many teeth need to be restored, full or partial dentures may be required.

Full dentures
For those missing all or most of their teeth, both removable and fixed dentures are available. Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaws. This dental treatment also helps to improve your mouth function and chew so you can eat normally again.

Partial dentures
Removable partial dentures fill in the spaces left by missing teeth. For patients who have natural remaining teeth and wish to fill the gaps in their smile, partial dentures are a great solution.

Conventional dentures
Conventional dentures can be used for both complete dentures and partial dentures. Once your teeth have been removed, the denture is moulded over the cavity to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. These dentures can take between 2-3 weeks to produce and can only be inserted after the gums have fully healed from any extractions.

Immediate dentures
As their name suggests, immediate dentures give you new teeth straight away. These dentures are manufactured and inserted on the same day your existing teeth are extracted and can be worn during the healing process. Because immediate dentures are not moulded to your extracted teeth, they need adjustments to fit properly. This removable denture can also be used as a temporary solution while waiting for your conventional dentures to be made.

  1. If you want to replace missing teeth, your dentist first needs a thorough checkup to evaluate your condition and recommend the best treatment options.
  2. Your dentist will also do a full examination of your teeth and gums. This step may include radiographs to evaluate whether teeth can support removable partial dentures or if you need some more teeth extracted.
  3. Impressions of your mouth then need to be taken, so your removable partial denture or full dentures are custom fit to perfection. We can then tailor the size, shape and colour to match your remaining teeth.

Taking care of your new dentures

As you adjust to your new dentures, you may experience a small amount of irritation. It will feel awkward to eat and speak in the first few weeks. Your dentist will advise eating softer foods that are cut into small pieces during this time. Although you can return to your normal diet after a few weeks, it’s best to avoid chewing gum that can pull and get stuck.

Your removable dentures will need to be adjusted throughout the healing process to guarantee their fit. Initially, wearing dentures should be done constantly, even while you sleep. After this period, you can remove them at night to allow your gum tissue to rest and encourage regular stimulation.

With proper denture care, they can last up to 10 years without needing to be replaced.

Make sure you follow your dentist’s instructions on keeping them clean. If you have broken your dentures, call us as soon as possible to organise a repair or replacement.

Restore your natural teeth and smile

At Phoenix Road Dental Surgery, smiles are our mission, so we’ll do whatever it takes to get yours looking amazing once again!

For more information on dentures in Spearwood and to find out if they’re right for you, please contact the friendly staff at our Spearwood Dental Surgery.



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