We have the most gentle technology to clean your teeth – EMS Airflow

Alternative way to clean teeth

Going for a regular dental check-up and clean is vital to maintain good oral health and prevent major problems. However, we understand that many people, especially those with sensitive teeth may find regular scaling to be rather uncomfortable.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth or just aren’t a fan of scaling with an ultrasonic tip, Phoenix Road Dental provides a better, alternative way to clean teeth with the EMS Airflow. This technology uses guided biofilm therapy (GBT) to provide gentle yet effective cleaning making it great on sensitive teeth and gums.

Let’s take a look at how EMS Airflow works and its benefits below.

Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth can disrupt your daily activities including hindering you from getting professional dental cleaning. Sensitivity can be temporary or chronic, and be caused by a number of factors including using a hard toothbrush, grinding your teeth, regularly consuming acidic foods and drinks, tooth decay and having a broken/chipped tooth.

If you have sensitive teeth, pain and discomfort can often be triggered by hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods and beverages, brushing or flossing your teeth, using alcohol-based mouthwash and undergoing dental procedures like traditional dental scaling.

We recommend that you see your dentist when you have teeth sensitivity so they can recommend the best treatment and prevent it from developing into more serious issues.

How Does EMS Airflow Differ From An Ultrasonic Tip?

During traditional teeth cleaning with an ultrasonic tip, we use a vibrating tool and cold water to break the tartar buildup on your teeth. This vibration and cold water can cause some discomfort especially if you have sensitive teeth. The scaling is then followed by prophylaxis, which is when your dentist uses a polishing cup and paste to remove remaining stains.

The EMS Airflow utilises a separate tool which uses a combination of a fine cleaning powder, water and air to remove the biofilm or soft plaque on the teeth. Since this process is more effective than traditional cleaning methods, prophylaxis isn’t required after cleaning.

Besides using a gentle jet of air, the Airflow technology also allows us to warm the water up to further reduce teeth sensitivity during the procedure.

What To Expect From EMS Airflow Biofilm Guided Therapy

As an alternative way to clean teeth, the EMS Airflow procedure goes through different steps compared to traditional cleaning. Your dentist will first paint a coloured dye on your teeth to stain the plaque and biofilm on your teeth. Since you can now see where plaque is located in your mouth, your dentist can use this time to give you tips on how to clean the areas that have more plaque buildup.

Next, your dentist will use the Airflow device to remove the stains on your teeth. The Airflow tip sprays the gentle cleaning mixture onto your teeth to exfoliate any buildup. And since the device doesn’t physically touch your teeth, there’s next to no discomfort. However, in case you suffer from gum inflammation, we can use the gentler Perioflow nozzle for a thorough cleaning.

Lastly, your dentist will do a final check to ensure that all biofilm and plaque is removed. If there are hard calculus deposits remaining on the teeth, we still need to use the ultrasonic tip to remove them.

Advantages Of Using EMS Airflow

EMS Airflow is a great alternative way to clean teeth as it provides numerous benefits over traditional dental cleaning. Here are some of the best benefits you can enjoy.

  • The gentle airflow and warm water prevent teeth and gum discomfort even when cleaning deep pockets in between the teeth.
  • It reduces teeth sensitivity since the device does not physically touch the teeth. Furthermore, the microparticles from the powder can fill the exposed tubules in the dentin and protect the teeth from sensitivity.
  • The Airflow procedure cleans significantly faster than traditional methods, which means you spend less time in the dentist chair. In the case when there are hard deposits still remaining after the procedure, the time needed for further cleaning with the ultrasonic tip is also reduced.
  • Airflow is an ideal method to prepare for an orthodontic treatment that requires sealants and bonding agents since it removes almost all bacteria and endotoxins.

At Phoenix Road Dental, we’re always looking for ways to provide better treatment options for our patients and we can offer an alternative way to clean teeth that is more comfortable and effective with the EMS Airflow.

If you’re looking for a professional check-up and clean in Perth, feel free to get in touch and book an appointment with us today.