May Announcement Regarding Covid 19


Well done everyone! Looks like we have weathered this storm! (In more ways than one). We are very blessed to live in Perth, Australia, and you, as part of our local community in Spearwood and surrounds, have contributed greatly to help flatten this curve in the battle with Covid- 19.

Much like many of you, we had our services limited in this fight against Covid-19. We were limited in the treatment we could provide you to emergency pain relief. Many of our staff stayed home for the most part, and we participated in Zoom conferences to stay in touch with each other. Our dentists racked up the hours with online professional development lectures. Our auxillary team put in the hours and ideas to help make the work environment a safe one.

Above all we spent precious time with our families, cooking, baking, learning to ride bikes, puzzles, exercise of various forms, and just enjoying the company of our loved ones. We would love to hear your stories of what has kept you going!

All of our general dental services are now available under Level 1 restrictions. We still need to remain vigilant to ensure the safety of all our patients and staff.

We will be continuing to adhere to advice and precautions to minimise the spread, including:

  • social distancing rules
  • hand sanitiser upon arrival
  • screening of patients over the phone and upon arrival for flu like symptoms
  • preventative mouth rinses preoperatively
  • extra and thorough cleaning of the dental surgery and wait room throughout the day.

If you are a low risk patient with No flu symptoms, recent travel history or contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID -19 case, you can book a visit for your general dental treatment today!

Please call us on 9434 1235 to book your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you and greeting you with a friendly foot tap.